It always starts in the kitchen...

You think you're just preparing a meal but you're really making chemistry align with magic and voila! the household sees another moment!

You do this effortlessly, sometimes even when you dread it.

Some days you're present, other days you're fantasizing about what life could be like if so much of your time wasn't spent in the kitchen.

Welcome to "The Mom Juggle". It's the invisible extra sets of hands that bring functionality to what might seem chaotic to others but is just another day in the life for you.

Meet a brand that was designed by a Mom like you and for a Mom like you.

The goal is to keep you inspired and motivated as you maintain your household--offering your simple solutions that put time back in your hands so that you can give to yourself. Why? Because YOU MATTER! You are a whole person outside of the role you play so well--you deserve to be nurtured!

Don't forget who you are!